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The ANT Holster

The ANT Holster

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The ANT Holster is a non-slip, clip-less, grip retention Inside Waistband Holster that utilizes the high friction properties of the special outer layer to hold the firearm in place.

The ANT holster is built in three layers. The outer layer being a ultra high friction non-slip material that adheres or “sticks” to the wearer’s skin, body and/or clothing with the slightest amount of pressure. The outer layer is also water tight, thus not allowing perspiration to seep through to the firearm. The inner layer is a closed cell foam layer that over time adapts to the shape of the firearm. The final layer of the ANT Holster is a super tough low abrasion nylon lining that protects the finish of the pistol.

The ANT Holster features a standard full sweat guard ensuring maximum protection for the firearm finish from perspiration.

All models are available in RIGHT and LEFT hand.

SMALL PISTOL - Fits most small frame pistols (Walther PPK).

MEDIUM PISTOL - Fits most medium frame or compact pistols (Glock 19/23, CZ P07, S&W M&P, Springfield XD, Walther PPQ/PPX).

LARGE PISTOL - Fits most large pistols (Glock 17/22, CZ P09, S&W M&P Full size).

X-LARGE PISTOL - Fits most X-Large pistols (Beretta 92, Vektor Z88, CZ SP01/ Shadow 1).

CZ PISTOL - Fits most large frame slim pistols (CZ 75, Browning Hi Power).

SUBCOMPACT - Fits most sub compact pistols (Glock 26/27, S&W M&P Sub Compact).

POCKET PISTOL - Fits most sub compact pistols (Glock 43).

MICRO PISTOL - Fits most micro pistols (Glock 42, Hellcat, Sig P365).

REVOLVER - Fits most 5-shot snub nosed revolvers (Taurus 85, S&W J frame).

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